Thinking Anglers Out-turned Eye Hooks - £4.99

By A Mystery Man Writer

Manufactured from heavy gauge wire and featuring a perfectly aligned eye and shank. These make a great all round choice, great for use with a variety

Thinking Anglers Straight Eye Hooks

Ideal for use with popup’s and D rigs and stiff mono and fluorocarbon. These designs feature a swan neck style shank with a slightly out turned eye

Thinking Anglers Out-turned Eye Hooks

Carp Fishing Hooks - CPS Tackle

Labeled a ''stinger'' design, this awesome Gamakatsu B10S Hook handles any job you can dream up for a wide-gap sproat design. Outstanding for deer hair bass bugs, Clouser Minnow variations, Steelhead Skaters, Bunny Sculpins, extended body hoppers, stoneflies and more. Super-sharp point with a black nickel finish.

Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook 3/0

Thinking Anglers Straight Eye Hook

FUDO Tuna Ringed Eye Hooks are true “J Hooks” that provide more open throat and grasp than that of the Southern Tuna style. These are versatile hooks that provide great performance when trolling or fishing bait for large gamefish.

Super Ocean Tuna Ringed Eye Hooks 8/0 (2 Pack)

Thinking Anglers Out-Turned Eye Hooks

Thinking Anglers – Kent Tackle

Tint Link Fluorocarbon Hooklength 20m - AA Baits

Thinking Anglers Out-Turned Eye Hooks – Invicta Angling

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