Muzzy Fish Arrow

By A Mystery Man Writer

Add even more durability and better visibility to your bowfishing fun with the Muzzy® Bowfishing Lighted Carbon Fish Arrow with Gar Point. Made of a

Muzzy Bowfishing Lighted Carbon Fish Arrow with Gar Point

PSE Fishstick Carbon Fishing Arrow

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Muzzy Classic Fiberglass Bowfishing Fish Arrow with Nock and Bottle Slide Installed GREEN Carp Point

Muzzy Bowfishing Single Arrow Quiver

The Classic Chatreuse fish arrow is exactly like the classic arrows muzzy is known for. The biggest difference is the High Visibilty of the ne Chartreuse color. The solid fiberglass shaft is rugged and can handle almost any punishment you can dish out in a day of bow fishing. This one come with the gar point for shooting tougher skinned fish. The New Muzzy 2 piece Bottle Slide is all ready installed as well.

Muzzy Classic White Fish Arrow w/Carp Point Bottle Slide

MUZZY GAR POINT 1010 5/16 – Bowfishing Extreme

Muzzy Bowfishing Arrow Lighted Carbon Composite Arrow with Carp Point Green X Nock 1320-C - Farmstead Outdoors

Muzzy Carbon Fish Arrow Lit Nock, Slide, And 3-barb Point

A family owned and operated hunting, outdoor, archery, taxidermy, and fishing store for over forty years in Granville, New York. Bows, calls, scents,

Muzzy Classic Chartreuse Fish Arrow w/ Iron 2-Barb Point (Nock Installed Only)

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