Umpqua Tungsten Zebra Midge Flies Red / 20

By A Mystery Man Writer

The Zebra Midge is arguably one of the best natural subsurface midge imitations. The slim body with accent rib offers great contrast in the water that fish find irresistible. This version with a Tungsten bead allows this fly to sink quickly into the strike zone.

Zebra Midge Black Mirage

Thin Tungsten Zebra Midge Fly

Midge Patterns – Dakota Angler & Outfitter

Two-Tone Tungsten Zebra Midge Fly - Size 20 - Black/Red

Tungsten Beadhead Zebra Midge-Tungsten Fishing Flies — Big Y Fly Co

Umpqua Tungsten Zebra Midge Black Midges & Emergers Size 16-2 Pack : Sports & Outdoors

Zebra Midge Tungsten Red Black Fly Fishing Flies Trout Flies Tailwater Trout Fly

Umpqua Tungsten Zebra Midge Red Midges & Emergers Size 16-2 Pack : Fishing Flies : Sports & Outdoors

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Umpqua Poison Tung Zebra Jig Thin - Size 18

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