Achieving Timeless Design in 2022


March 10, 2022

With the new year in full swing, many of us are starting to conceive of ways to change up our spaces in line with interior design trends we’ve seen emerge in recent months. However, before embarking on a total overhaul of your space, we encourage you to consider how long these trends will last and ultimately if they’re worth the investment. As fun as bold trends are, they shouldn’t inform the base of your design. We suggest shifting your focus to design elements that make your space timeless. Here’s how:

1. Use Natural Materials

Sustainability is, and forever will be, timeless. We have always been surrounded by materials found in nature so it’s no surprise that they have stood the test of time. Manmade materials are easier to connect to a specific time period, so they may possibly lead to dating the space. Suitable natural materials include: wood, stone, natural fibres (For example, jute & sisal) and natural fabrics such as wool. However, we encourage you to keep them as close to how they appear in nature.

2. Neutral Colour palettes

While bright pops of colour, juxtaposed with loud vibrant prints may be trendy, using neutral colours will help your space evolve over time and adapt to your ever-changing needs and tastes. This is one of the main reasons you rarely see developers offering bold or trendy suite standard finishes. Many multi-unit buildings are designed years before residents will come to live in them, which is why developers maintain neutral suite palettes to ensure that buyers don’t feel their suite is dated by the time they move in.

3. Mixing Design Styles

Using pieces from different styles doesn’t tie your space to a specific era, which in effect, makes your space less likely to feel outdated in a few year’s time. However, knowing which styles to mix is a balancing act. When doing so, opt for clean lines which will make it easier to blend styles flawlessly. Invest in furniture that can stand the test of time and can be used when your space needs a refresh, thus tying everything together cohesively.

If you must give in to a trend: 

Trends are briefly relevant. If you really like a particular current trend, consider using it in an area that can be easily changed when you grow tired of it. For example, choosing pieces like art, accessories, area rugs and even paint that can be easy to switch out when the trend fades. Creating a space using natural materials, mixing design styles and neutral colour palettes will allow your space to be sustainable, ever-evolving and timeless. 

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