ESG Report

Our mission is to root every project in sustainability, social equity, responsibility, and inclusion within the context of design excellence. Our success in developing some of Toronto’s most acclaimed buildings is a result of our diverse and collaborative work environment and a continuous commitment to inspire and foster innovation.

MOD Development - CEO and President

Opening Letter from
the CEO & President

There are very few industries that have as much impact on society as a whole as the development and building sector. Not only are we responsible for creating spaces to live, work, and play, but the very buildings and communities we construct also have long-lasting physical and social impacts. At the macro-scale, our developments affect the lives of all citizens in terms of sustainability, the quality of architecture, heritage preservation, uses at grade, landscaping, and materiality. At the micro-scale, we affect the lives of the residents, tenants, and visitors of our buildings through the rich programmatic mix and attention to interior design and details.

At MOD Developments, we take this responsibility very seriously and strive to create developments that enhance the lives of those who use and reside in them, while also strengthening the city at large. Concepts such as sustainability, social equity, diversity, and inclusion are not mere buzzwords, but are the guiding principles for every one of our projects and are considered integral to both our culture and our stakeholders.

This is why we believe it is important to create a formal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework to hold ourselves accountable and benchmark success.

Since 2009, MOD Developments has grown to become a leader in Toronto’s development industry.

7 projects

3,315 homes

$1.3 billion of development value

MOD Developments - How our projects reflect our ESG Commitments

How Our Projects Reflect Our ESG Commitments

It is our belief that we bear a responsibility to improve the quality of life for people who will inhabit the homes we build, as well as the neighboring communities in which our developments are situated. In all of our projects to date, we have consistently designed our buildings with a broad range of home sizes to ensure the spatial needs of a wide resident demographic are met.

Our ESG Roadmap

Building on our existing environmental, social, and governance commitments, our new, formalized ESG strategy will guide the development decisions we will make over the next five years with 16 initiatives across three categories.


01 Environmental Commitments

MOD Development - Environmental

We are deeply respectful of the places we have the privilege to develop. To achieve true sustainability, we believe developers must focus on a building’s environmental impact as well as its contribution to human wellness. With so much time now spent at home, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the importance of taking a proactive approach to holistic building design. Our focus is to continue implementing efficient practices to reduce carbon emissions and further enhance our building systems and designs to empower residents to not only exist in their spaces, but thrive.

02 Social

MOD Development - Social

Bettering the lives of residents through thoughtful design, in tandem with supporting the communities that they are a part of is intrinsically embedded in our corporate ethos.

03 Governance Commitments

MOD Development - Governance

As a collaborative team, supporting our people is in our DNA. We are proud of the comprehensive governance structures that we have established and the supportive nature of our workforce. We maintain high ethical standards and conduct all business with honesty and integrity, always holding ourselves accountable, honoring our commitments, and treating one another with respect.

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