A Milestone in the Sky: Celebrating Success at 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences


November 1, 2023

In 2018, MOD Developments purchased 55 Charles Street East, the last remaining development property on Charles Street, between Yonge and Church Streets. By 2019, sales for 55C were well underway and construction was slated to commence in the summer of 2020.

When the global pandemic hit in spring 2020, construction sites across the city were shut down because of breakouts, projects were delayed or cancelled, and global supply chains broke down. However, against the odds, MOD remained on schedule for 55C Bloor Yorkville Residences, and we were able to celebrate this milestone with a “topping off” ceremony last week.

Starting and continuing construction during a pandemic requires unwavering dedication. The tradespeople involved in this project showed extraordinary commitment to make this vision a reality. They navigated the complexities of new safety protocols, ensuring the health and safety of the entire team while keeping the construction schedule on track.

As 55C now reaches its pinnacle, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bluescape Management and the tradespeople, whose commitment allowed this project to flourish despite unprecedented challenges. As we look forward to early 2024, we eagerly await the moment when homeowners can experience the exceptional achievement that is 55C.